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Wax Melts

Wax Melts

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Wax melts are fragments of scented wax similar to a candle but without the wick. With this, it is possible to aromatize the space simply by melting them in a burner. These wax melts are catching on as it is a cheaper alternative to buying a candle. You can also regulate the intensity of your aroma, there are people who prefer a stronger aroma because they add more. You can also make use of your olfactory creativity and mix several different scents. The ideal is to melt at most one portion of wax melts also depending on the size of your burner. 

An important difference with respect to candles is that in wax melts the wax does not disappear, therefore before melting a new piece it is necessary to remove the previous wax from the burner. The scent disappears in about 8 hours although it depends on the scent but if you notice that the solid wax still smells, keep using it. Only discard the wax when there is no scent of any kind. There are so many possibilities! run go try this alternative so easy to use.

Weight: 200 g approx.

Content: 6 units.

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