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These candles are a symbol of life, since they are related to the energy of the Sun. In some cultures, they are associated with good luck and are lit on the 11th and 22nd of each month. Being master numbers, it is considered that lighting these candles on these days frees us from karma and attracts our Dharma or life purpose.  It also symbolizes the sweet things in life, to help counteract bitter situations or moments.

The bees are the ones that produce the wax to build their honeycombs. These polarizers secrete wax  into thin sheets of fat through glands in its abdomen. Thus creating spectacular panels with a natural and unique aroma. They are perfect for creating an intimate, calm and spiritually-filled environment. Honey candles burn clean, with no residue.

Size: 6x6x7cm.

Content: Two candles and a container of cement 5.3x5.3x4.5cm.

Weight: 500g approx.

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