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Palo Santo, also known as sacred wood, is a tree of the Burseraceae ( Bursera graveolens ) family that grows in dry forests on the Pacific coast of South America. Its wood is very aromatic and numerous properties and benefits are attributed to it. Helps to stay calm, maintain emotional balance and improve the feeling of well-being. It is one of the best cleaners and purifiers that exist for both spaces and the aura. That is why it is widely used in yoga, reiki or meditation.

  1. Through the flame of a candle, let the palo santo burn on the flame for approximately 30 seconds. When this time passes, move the palo santo to extinguish the flame and it begins to emit its smoke.
  2. Once lit, pass the palo santo through the entire space to be cleaned in a clockwise direction. Light your palo santo again when you need it, since it gradually stops smoking. Once finished, place the palo santo in a container and let it go out on its own. It is important to leave the windows open so that the smoke does not concentrate and the energy flows.
  3. Every time you use your palo santo, remove the ashes, leaving them in the container. These ashes return them to the Earth, for example, throw them in a pot or on a tree. This way they will also provide nutrients and the absorbed negative energy will be transmuted by Mother Earth.
  4. It is very important that you connect with your intention and purpose when cleaning, meditating, or whatever use you want to give it. Remember that the most important thing is to follow your intuition.
  5. Beware of the presence of children when handling the incense and candle.

Weight.: 100g approx.

Content: three units.

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