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You arrive home and notice the stuffy atmosphere, the electrical appliances break down, the plants that you cared for with so much care wither or get sick, you find yourself overwhelmed, you don't sleep well and you feel anxiety or sadness... You need to energetically cleanse your space and also your aura. With this cleaning kit, it is solved quickly.

Includes the Sage Blanca and Palo Santo from Peru incense, the containers to leave them and deposit the ashes and the tray with the candle for you to use to light it. White Salvia and Palo Santo have numerous properties for our health, since they clean and purify the air of bacteria and mites. Also, as a decorative element, it is wonderful, providing that reminder that Mother Earth is always there.

You can clean whenever you need it and your intuition asks you to.

  1. Through the flame of a candle, light your Salvia or Palo santo incense, leave them in the flame for a few seconds, and begin to move your incense through space or through your aura. If you clean your aura, remember not to stick the incense to the body, always keep a safe distance of about 20 centimeters.
  2. Remember to leave the windows open so that the air flows and the smoke does not concentrate. Once finished, leave the incense in the container so that it only goes out.
  3. Every time you use the Salvia or Palo Santo incense,  Leave the ashes and remains in the container, throw them later on the Earth, in your favorite pot, in the park or in the field. You will provide nutrients to the soil and Mother Earth will transmute the negative energy collected by the sage.
  4. It is very important that you connect with your intention and purpose when cleaning. Remember that the most important thing is to follow your intuition.
  5. Be careful with the presence of children when handling the incense, the Palo santo  and the candle.


candle: 8x3x3cm

Container: 8x8x6.5cm

Tray: 18x9.5x1.6cm

Content: Palo Santo, incense, Buddha candle and cement containers.

Weight: 400g approx.

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