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A deep musky aroma of oriental style.

  • Top note: apple, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, verbena, freesia, eucalyptus
  • Middle Note: lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley, carnation
  • Base note: nutmeg, cedar, incense, myrrh, amber, musk

Namasté is one of those words originating from Sanskrit with great spiritual meaning in Asian cultures that conveys a special message to us.

Namaste, I bow before you,  It is a way of honoring the other person, it represents the idea that we are all one, that is, we are all made of the same material.

In this world where we live stressed and anxious, we hardly take time to properly greet the people we come across each day. N amaste implies recognizing the best in yourself and the best in the other. You start, from the moment you say hello, to treat others as you would like to be treated. You respect your being as you respect all beings. It invites us to be more positive and see the best within each person. Stop judging others and ourselves and be more compassionate. When we say Namaste we honor each other, the entire universe, where only love, truth, light and peace prevail.

Capacity: 230ml

Dimensions: 59mm x 82mm

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